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Hi everyone! Our second inaugural (IT’S A THING) VF Hangout is happening tonight! Please join us at 8pm PST on Felicia Day’s Google+ profile to watch and discuss this month’s VF pick - Deanna Raybourn’s Silent in the Grave. It’s going to be so much fun but only if you all are there to join in and help us say vagina as many times as humanly possible. Oh and talk about Lady Julia Grey and her hot gypsy lovvvvverrrrrrrr. See you tonight!

I have my alcohol ready to feel sophisticated. I can think of many other ways to say vagina. At least for the sake of Lady Grey and that great scene she had to think of many hilarious ways to discuss the male anatomy. 

Edited note at 7pm: I just realized that’s 11pm eastern time. I’m still ready. Just way sooner then I needed to be.